The Nourish™ Bible Study Method

Deepen your walk with God.

Nourish Your Heart Because You Were Made For More

Have you ever felt a longing inside that leaves you thinking there must be something else in life? In the daily busyness of life that creates a predictable, mundane rhythm, sometimes that longing is drowned out, but the desire for more never really leaves you. And at night or early in the morning, when life is still, your childlike faith peeks its head out of the covers and calls to your heart because you were made for more. 

I’ve been there. The daily rhythm of my life was not without God. Church, Bible study, prayer, and serving others were a part of the drumbeat of my weekly life that I loved dearly.  

But the life with Christ that I was exploring through church and Bible study and the life I was actually experiencing, were miles apart.  

Can you relate? You are a Christian, and yet that longing inside you still wonders, “What if there is more to my walk with Christ than I am experiencing?”  

Changing my approach to Bible study was the key that opened the door into a new life. Indescribable. Authentic. Secure. Beautiful. Brave.  

The Nourish™ Bible Study Method is a three-step process designed to redefine the way you approach God’s word.  

Are you ready for more? Do you want to find the courage and strength to live life to the fullest? Are you ready to become the woman God created you to be?  

“The Nourish Method revolutionized my own study of the Bible and deepened my relationship with Jesus in ways I cannot express. Studying the word of God is the best way to develop a relationship with Him. I’m forever grateful for the impact the Nourish Bible Study Method has had on me.”

Olivia Ann Bowden
Start My Journey With The Nourish™ Notebook and the 21 Day Challenge

God’s Word is Nourishment to Discover Your Purpose 

God’s agape love reaches out to you, inviting you to experience the world differently – to walk by faith in His word. He has an amazing plan for your life, and his daily words provide the nourishment needed for your journey. 

“People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” – Matthew 4:4 

“For we walk by faith and not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7 

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” – 2 Corinthians 3:17 

God’s word was intended to be written on our hearts by the Holy Spirit—to go beyond religious duty and head knowledge to a place of lasting truth that forever transforms our hearts and lives. And then as we live for him, he will work through us to change the lives of others.  

One day at a time. One step faith at a time. And this journey matters. Your journey matters. Because every journey is part of God’s amazing story. 

Start My Journey With The Nourish™ Notebook and 21 Day Challenge

What is the Nourish™ Bible Study Method?

One of the most powerful ways we uncover truth is through the study of God’s word. 

However, studying the Bible can be overwhelming and fail to make a difference without the right approach. You need a plan that will help you walk through scripture in a way that allows you to pause and rest when God is speaking to you. Without it, it can feel more like an obligation than a life-giving experience (John 5:39-40). 

This is how we often enter into Bible studies. But the Nourish™ Bible Study Method is different. 

Are you tired of… 

  • Exploring Bible studies about the abundant life in Christ but not experiencing it? 
  • Feeling disillusioned with Bible study because it seems like it’s not making a difference? 
  • Walking away from your quiet time with thoughts like this “I don’t measure up. Following God is impossible – I give up.” 
  • Engaging in a Bible study but feeling as if something is missing because you aren’t able to apply it to your life? 
  • Opening your Bible just to close it because “studying” is daunting? What difference does it make anyway? 
  • Experiencing “Quiet Time guilt”? 

Connect to the Healer and Find Healing

Perhaps you’re like me. For years I crammed my shelves full of Christian self-help books, always thinking that after reading just one more, I would find the peace and abundant life promised in Christ. This cycle can bring you back to a place of teetering faith because God’s truth isn’t penetrating the walls around your heart like you know it can. 

Here is what I discovered. The truth remains—unless we connect with our Healer, we will continue to search for healing. We don’t need to read more words—we need God’s word to reach our souls.  

Jesus doesn’t want you to just study His word for the sake of knowledge. He wants you to rest in His Word – to be in His presence – so that you can experience joy, freedom, peace, and confidence that only comes from Him. 

This is how the Nourish Bible Study Method is different. It is a key that helps unlock truth for the life you were created to live by giving you a proven, effective, three-step approach to Bible study that connects you with Jesus.  

“This method does more than fill your mind with knowledge; it truly feeds your soul.”

Patience Leino

Are you ready to anchor your heart to God’s truth so that you can receive more of what he has for you—a unique purpose that has your name written on it? 

Start My Journey With The Nourish™ Notebook and 21 Day Challenge

Start Your Journey With Lifetime Support

We understand that having someone walk beside you as you start your journey is essential. This is why we created the Nourish Notebook Bible Study Journal and 21 Day Challenge. We saw a need to provide women with something more than the Nourish™ Method. We wanted to provide an online video course to help to jump start your journey. We also saw a need to offer an accompanying customizable tool, the takes you on a lifetime life-changing journey through the Bible. A journey that reveals more of who God is and more of who you are in him – not just by studying the Bible, but by truly connecting to His Word. (If you want to take a sneak peek into the 21 Day Challenge you can watch Day 1 by scrolling to the bottom of the page.)

“The Nourish Notebook and the 21 Day Challenge have really helped me meditate on a single passage instead of just reading it quickly to get to the next. I’m able to better hear God speak to me in even the most common verses. It’s really refreshed my relationship with the Word.”

Shannon Kegerries

“For me, I didn’t even know where to start studying the Bible. The Nourish Bible Study Method in the 21-Day Challenge took me through a step-by-step approach that was easy to understand and not overwhelming. It wasn’t about rushing through a study but pausing at a Bible passage to really hear what God wanted to say to me. It’s given me so much more confidence to study God’s Word.”

Jodi Bailey

The Nourish™ Notebook and 21-Day Challenge

The Nourish™ Notebook walks you through each step of the Nourish™ Bible Study Method with an effective efficient weekly strategy in a way that helps you hear God’s voice and become the woman God created you to be. It comes in two versions: 

Want to get your Nourish Notebook for FREE?

When you sign up for a Treasured Tribe membership we will send you a copy of the Nourish Notebook Paperback Edition for FREE! You can become a member for as low as $5.75 per month paid annually.

The Nourish™ Notebook gives you exclusive access to the 21-Day Challenge – 21 videos to start your journey with faith-filled encouragement.  

With the Nourish Notebook and 21 Day Challenge You will…  

  • Deepen your walk with God as you discover the Nourish Bible Study Method
  • Gain a proven strategy to spend time in God’s Word every day and say good-bye to quiet time guilt. 
  • Receive a tool that helps you study the Bible for a lifetime in a way that brings life change.   

You’ll know with confidence that you can press into Jesus and lean on the Holy Spirit to guide you with the words of truth so you can continue down the path that God has created for you. 

Explore Nourish™ Notebook Options

So, together let’s start our journey of uncovering a new approach to Bible study! 

1. Explore your options for the Nourish™ Notebook and purchase the one which one is right for you. 

2. After you purchase your Nourish™ Notebook, we will send a link to your email with instructions on how to access the 21 Day Challenge. Follow those instructions to get started!  

3. Every day watch a new 15-30 minute video. Spend a few moments viewing the video, unpacking timeless truths, and then watch as God begins a new work in you!  

Do you hear it, Treasured One? It’s the voice of your Savior calling to you through His Word. Take His hand and become the woman God created you to be. Life is very safe inside sanctuaries and Bible studies, but you were created to go beyond merely exploring your inheritance in Christ. You were meant to experience your spiritual inheritance.  

“The very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” -John 6:63 NLT

Explore Nourish™ Notebook Options

Don’t miss out on another day of walking with confidence and assurance knowing that God wants to lead you into a life changed.  

Watch Day One of the 21 Day Challenge… 

“The Nourish Bible Study Method has changed the way I read and process God’s word and truth.  It allows me to empty myself of me and surrender in such a way, that I can clearly hear God speak to me, calling me to follow Him wherever He leads.”


“As a pastor’s wife of 35 years, I’ve done a lot of Bible studies with women and the Nourish Method was so fun to see all of the women, ready to teach what God had shown them through the passage of scripture.” 

Bekah Hines
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